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About Us

Our Mission

R Controlled was founded in order to bring talented problem solving to bear on complex issues. We turn ideas and visions into engines of progress and change. We exist because we care deeply about our nation’s defense and your mission and we take extremely calculated steps in setting you up for success. Hardworking as they come, our small-but-mighty team brings control to Navy combat systems engineering, foreign military sales and business process consulting.

About Us

Our Team

Formed after many technical professionals departed from the DoD, we are your U.S. military defense contractor ally. Serving primarily the U.S. Navy, our mission is to help you execute your mission to the best of your ability. We have also worked with Army and Air Force counterparts as well as at the DoD (Defense), DoS (State) and international levels.

We all come from different backgrounds, each bringing a nuanced skillset to the table. It’s a hard combination to find and that is our primary strength. Other strengths include having a meticulous drive, hardworking, harmoniously working together and extreme punctuality. This is not our hobby, it’s our life’s mission.

Rhys Rotolo

Founder, Computer Engineer

Rhys possesses a clear understanding of all phases of a combat system’s life cycle, with experience providing innovative solutions. His program office contributions are based on a foundation of highly technical system engineering and leadership experience. Ranging from software developer to lead engineer, the positions Rhys has held have provided him the capability to reduce complex technical and programmatic problems and quickly develop novel, innovative solutions. Rhys does his job with a high level of intelligence, thirst for knowledge and logic. 


  • Aegis Systems Engineering
  • Combat Systems
  • International defense cooperation
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

Matthew Burkhardt

Founder, Mechanical Engineer

Matthew is methodical, calculated and extremely detail-oriented in his work.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Military Systems Engineering
  • Combat & Weapon Systems Engineering

Meaghan Smith

Analyst, Masters Of International Politics

Meaghan provides direct customer support for the Program Executive Office of Unmanned and Small Combatants, specifically the office for international efforts. She establishes work policy and release issues for Foreign Military Sales (FMS). Lastly, she collaborates with international engagement, industry and other government components to identify, collaborate and support future acquisition programs. She does her job with focus and drive, a large appetite for success and adaptability.
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We are seeking Navy veterans, recent college graduates and all DoD professionals to join us in executing our mission, which mirrors the Navy’s mission. Please consider joining our growing team after browsing our military contractor job opportunities.

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